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I am not sure if it is a bug, but even if I have developed my hull, the ship can't go below 125 without any destruction (the pressure is too high?)
I use PC version, Post-Jam.

Edit: I have managed to reach the lower depth, but my hull is calculated wrong. Like 0-1: if I have less than 700, destroy my core, if it is 700, save it.
Also when any part of hull is destroyed, the number is changed, even I have some additional hulls instead (let say that we need 40 of the hull to reach 700, but when I build 50 and one of them is destroyed, I don't have 700 any more).

And reaching depth of 500 doesn't stop the game. I reached depth of 4000 and it wasn't the end. So where is the end?

The game is fun and I liked it, but some bugs need fixing.

Even for what little is in the game so far, this is a pretty fun game! I'd love to see this expanded in the future! The only problem I see right now is the gun's prioities are a little weird, they'd rather get more scrap than keep the ship alive. Even when a ship starts to go by when they've already been firing at enemies, it'll switch to shooting the ships and ultimately kinda kills me. You can still kinda try to avoid it but it's still an annoying. Still a really fun game and I hope you enjoy the video! 


Thanks so much for playing, Cyberwolf! I'm one of the artists for SCUBA and I wanted to say I was really entertained by your video.

While it was really amusing to watch you yell at your guns ;) you make a super good point about the target priorities! There's a lot we didn't get to in the 48 game jam but I'll try and see if we can move this fix up on the priority list.

Thanks again for playing!

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its really epic!!! i really like something like this. i like nimbatus, cosmoteer, besiege and this one. LOVED IT!!!

i made some mistake and i learn it so if any of you confuse how to play this lovely game, please watch it :D

im playing with keyboard and i know i cant complaint the controller default :D

PS: its been known as world record by dev

btw i dont understand why my ship crack after that much blocks

in a few run, i almost got no scraps because of speed of my ship


Hey Coconut, thanks so much for playing our game and even putting up a video of it! It's crazy how far you got!
I have a friend who got pretty deep too and noticed an issue that happens when you have as many blocks as you did in the video, so I think we'll check that out soon and try and get it fixed up.

Thanks again for playing and giving us feedback!

Thanks for your compliment! i really like the game, please tell me if you need secret beta tester :D

suddenly broke my ship and no scraps i can gain is the only issue i got

I am interested in playing but sadly i can't because you don't have keyboard support

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Hey, sorry to hear that! We had to weigh our options for the game jam environment and keyboard controls didn't quite make the cut, unfortunately.

It could be possible to add it sometime in the future, but our programmers are currently taking a bit of a (well deserved) break as we get back into the swing of our classes, work, and other responsibilities. 

Keep an eye out, though!

EDIT: Download the newly uploaded post-jam version! Keyboard controls are now in, but the UI is still the same. Bindings are listed above.

hey um the post jam version doesn't support any operating system




Hey, you may want to see if it possible is to use a cheap rip off controller. If so you could get one for $10, not even.